Case study: Republica BIO

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YoY transactions


YoY website traffic

Implementation phase

Analysis of the website and competitors

Analysis and implementation of a new PPC strategy adapted to the offer, customers, and market positioning

Creating an innovative framework meant to generate interest in BIO products

Drawing top of funnel traffic

Consolidating the awareness on the advertising platforms (Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Youtube Ads) by investing in performance marketing and running Dynamic Remarketing Campaign

Investing in the brand to increase the audience`s awareness on its story

Republica BIO – Objectives

As Republica BIO was already experiencing a significant customer purchase intention, growing the Google search online presence was the first strategic move. The further step was an in-depth analysis of the Critical User Journey Map, starting from the enthusiastic stage to the actual customer stage.

For Facebook Ads the goal was to target the right users. As such, we have focused on creating buyer persona profiles, analyzing their interests, their hobbies and consumer habits.

By adopting the PPC strategy implemented by our team, Republica BIO was able to reach the proposed sales multiplier target.

Republica BIO and Optimized - Collaboration Journey

The collaboration between Optimized and Republica BIO implied involvement in strategy and management of pay per click channels, such as Google, Facebook or Instagram.

The first, initial step, was a thorough analysis of the website, competitors, as well as an innovative implementation of a new PPC strategy adapted to the offer, customers, and market positioning.


Since the very beginning, our main goal was to provide customers with the best products for supporting healthy lifestyle choices. We are delighted that more and more Romanians are progressively starting to be aware about the importance of the products they consume. This is our main motivator to keep up with their varied requirements, by constantly adding new, innovative products to our portfolio. Working with Optimized has not only helped us in growing our visibility but has also provided bio products consumers with an easy way to find what they are looking for. The overall achieved results have determined us to further continue our path, as we are confident enough to believe that what has started from a true passion can be transformed in a valuable service for the people.

Ciprian Stancu, founder of Republica BIO

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YoY transactions


YoY transactions

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