Case study: SevenSins

+ 61% more conversions gained from Google Ads



YoY transactions


Excl. brand

Implementation phase

Google Ads account audit

Google Ads Strategy: setting up the keywords research and an audience list, competitors analysis, creating the correct type of messages and account structure

Implementation of Google Ads campaigns

Conversion attribution model. Major change: switching the account to Data Driven attribution

Testing, optimization, and remarketing

SevenSins – objectives

Growth of transactions volume gained from PPC channels

Maintain ROAS 4

Account management by a specialized agency

SevenSins and Optimized - Collaboration journey

Thanks to the implementation of proper online marketing strategies, during the past years, SevenSins has ranked its position, from a marketing perspective, as a reference lingerie-niched store, by mainly focusing on strategic Google and Facebook Ads implementation. 

The collaboration between Optimized and SevenSins involves focusing on the implementation of a performance marketing strategy and management of pay per click channels. As a result, the store managed to increase the volume of YoY conversions.


For over 12 years we have been providing our customers with the largest variety of lingerie, through our online presence, as well as through our showroom. We like to believe that our online store can spice up the life of our clients by offering them a vast collection of great quality lingerie. Working with Optimized over the past four years has helped us grow our visibility and has even given us the opportunity to display new products, which are meant to improve our customers’ body image, confidence, and self-esteem. We are more than grateful for the results obtained and we are keen to continue the work on this path, together. 

Cristina Vasile, SevenSins Director

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YoY transactions


YoY transactions

4 years

Of pay per click marketing with Optimized

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