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Optimized agency is specialized in PPC campaigns (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, et.c) for e-commerce.

Our portfolio includes online stores and companies, with whom we work on clear performance-oriented goals (CPA, ROAS), and our team is made PPC specialists and Google-certified trainers, along with people who have hands-on experience in e-commerce.

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„Secretul este să duci bugetele către o audiență pe care poate deja o ai, dar nu o cunoști suficient” | Mădălina Stănescu, fondatoare Optimized

"Professional activity is not a simple job, but a passion" | Madalina Stanescu, founder of Optimized

Madalina Stanescu, founder of Optimized: 2020 was a timeless year that put us all to the test

Optimized analysis: how to double sales and attract a 50% increase in traffic.

Optimized: how are purchasing decisions made when shopping online? Users search for less "cheap" and more "good" or "efficient"

How to restart with online promotion after leaving the state of emergency.

Mădălina Stănescu, Optimized marketing agency: “The e-commerce market is still in its infancy, only 15% of all Romanian companies sell online.

Digital Lead

Emisiunea Digital Lead este un dialog cu liderii locali din segmentul digital pentru a dezbate principalele trenduri din online-ul local si este o coproductie Optimized, HotNews si Startupcafe