We are EXPERTS in performance marketing, especially in the eCommerce field.

We are working by following a well-defined plan and offering personalized recommendations for each business and every scenario.

What is a personalized plan / Roadmap PPC

Specific suggestions

We offer personalized recommendations aligned with the profile of your business. Sometimes we adjust the recommendations based on a thorough analysis of competitors and objectives.

Unique recommendations

Our recommendations are tailored to your specific business needs. Before implementing an action plan, we openly discuss about the potential risks / disadvantages.

Verified results

We are always carefully monitoring the results by examining the proposed target audience. We always conduct a monthly meeting, dedicated to discussing the results and the following steps that need to be taken. Moreover, we are proactive in providing several insights and recommendations for the growth of your business.

When do you need a plan / PPC roadmap?

If you identify with the following criteria:

Your business is stagnant and you need more information about how to improve performance

You want to achieve the best possible results, but you need support and a new, fresh point of view

You spent plenty of time on managing your accounts and you are still not sure if you do it right

You want to improve the performance of your campaigns, but you don't have a clear, set direction

How we work

First meeting

Verifying / analyzing the main challenges, potential and objectives of your business.

PPC accounts audit

Finding out the best opportunities for growing your business by creating performance marketing strategies.

Strategies / roadmap

Establishing together the most suitable PPC strategy for your business.

Verifying the strategy / verifying roadmap

After discussing together, we implement the already planned strategy and establish the next strategic steps.

Follow-up #1

Within 30 days, we constantly verify the results and insights on the progress of the campaigns. During this time, we are going to continue gathering monthly reports and communicate with your team about the outcomes.

Follow-up #2

After 3 months of activity, we will have a proper, clear image on the results, and we will be able to compare the performance. This will give us the opportunity of scaling accounts.

What does a plan include / PPC roadmap?

Our plan consists of a list which includes various actions for each PPC channel.

We usually offer:

An evaluation of the achieved performances

A thorough analysis of the target audience and competitors

A budget and KPI proposal

A new structure for managing your accounts (campaigns, audiences, creatives)

UX recommendations

An optimization process