Customised performance marketing training for your team

Do you want your marketing team to know more about paid advertising platforms (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads etc.), so you can develop an effective online/omnichannel marketing strategy? Have you outsourced these services to a partner, but you need a clearer view of the objectives, results and potential of these platforms?

Do you want your marketing team to grow together with your business?

Choose this custom performance marketing training for your team and learn how to properly build an online marketing strategy.

Choose this training if your marketing team:

Needs to understand in detail how performance marketing works (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads etc.) in order to create an effective marketing strategy to help achieve business goals

Has difficulty understanding what works well and what doesn't in the current marketing strategy or keeping up with changes in platforms

Needs accurate explanations on how to set up an optimal campaign structure, how to segment marketing audiences, how to set budgets and performance indicators

Needs customised (rather than generic) training in online advertising platforms, tailored to your company, with examples and case studies relevant to your industry

Why should you choose this training?

The training is exclusively dedicated to your team, so you can address personalized topics of interest in a confidential setting

The training is tailored to the specifics of your business (case studies, examples etc)

The training is delivered by a professional with over 15 years of experience in top companies (Google, IBM), who owns her agency, where she has managed marketing budgets of tens of millions of Euros in recent years.

After completing the training, you can access mentorship hours for your team on a quarterly or monthly basis.


Founder & PPC Lead – Optimized

Ex-Google (8 years Romania & UK)

15 years experience in online marketing

budgets managed – over EUR 3 MILLION/ year

Google Certified Trainer

More than 450 workshops and over 20.000 participants

Speaker events: Ecomteam, Retail Arena

GPeC Ecommerce Proficiency Mentor

Digital Lead Producer

Ecommerce entrepreneur with 8 years of experience

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics certifications


"The secret is to take budgets to an audience you may already have, but don't know enough about"

Madalina Stanescu, founder of Optimized

„2020 was a timeless year that put us all to the test”

Madalina Stanescu, founder of Optimized

„Professional activity is not a simple job, but a passion”

Madalina Stanescu, founder of Optimized

„Optimized analysis: how to double sales and attract a 50% increase in traffic.”

Madalina Stanescu, founder of Optimized

"Optimized: how are purchasing decisions made when shopping online? Users search for less ”cheap” and more ”good” or ”efficient”. "

Madalina Stanescu, founder of Optimized

"How to restart with online promotion after leaving the state of emergency."

Madalina Stanescu, founder of Optimized

"The e-commerce market is still in its infancy, only 15% of all Romanian companies sell online"

Madalina Stanescu, founder of Optimized

We have conducted trainings for:

What will your team learn from this training?

Module 1: Online Strategy

Purchasing behaviour trends

Consumer Journey

Digital Channels & Metrics

Conversion Funnel

Website UX

Module 2: Introduction to Google Ads

Structure of a Google Ads account

Types of campaigns and what's right for your company

Bidding strategies

How to create performant ads

How we choose and segment the right audiences

How we set up and segment


/Display/Video campaigns

How to report in Google Ads (metrics, performance indicators)

Module 3: Introduction to Facebook Ads

Structure of a Facebook Ads account

Types of campaigns and what's right for your company

How to reach the right audience with available targeting

How to set up the first campaign

How to report in Facebook Ads (metrics, performance indicators)

The content of the training will be tailored to the industry in which your company operates. Additional modules can be added depending on your team's needs.

Workshops conducted

Graduates’ testimonials. See what our graduates have to say?

A very useful training for our marketing and product management team. We learned the elements of an online strategy, and the exercises and campaigns applied to our accounts were very useful and valuable as a learning experience.

Adelina Panait, Marketing Manager, HAMA Romania

We are a communications agency, but we work a lot with social media platforms. We wanted to learn how and what we can use between Google and Facebook Ads tools in our communication strategy for our clients, and this training was particularly useful.

Adriana Ruxandescu, PR Manager, DC Communication

A very useful, comprehensive and practical training in Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Google Analytics online strategy.

Claudiu Masa, Marketing Campaign Manager NN Asigurări