What should you know about a PPC audit?

Not satisfied with the performance of your Google Ads, Instagram Ads or Facebook Ads campaigns? Then, you should consider the idea of a PPC audit.

A PPC audit is an effective way to analyze the PPC campaigns you run based on clear performance indicators and be able to identify any problems or mistakes that prevent you from achieving the expected results or business objectives.

Following the analysis underlying a PPC audit, you will receive:

  • a report summarizing all the problems that have been detected
  • suggested solutions to fix these problems

In general, a PPC audit can also provide a lot of valuable insights, which can be used later to improve various other aspects related to the online strategy of your business.

 PPC audit in-house or with an agency?

There are a lot of automated tools and services on the market for you to conduct a PPC audit, but keep in mind that these automated services offer general and algorithm-based solutions, so the personalized context is missing.

In the absence of a personalized context, customized solutions will also be missing. Here comes the role of a specialized agency which can offer you solutions related to your marketing objectives, target audience etc.

Optimized helps you with a very detailed and personalized audit, conducted by our experts (our team consists only of PPC specialists and Google certified specialists who also have extensive experience in e-commerce).

We do not use tools precisely because we strongly believe in the relevance of a personalized audit conducted by an expert capable of correctly interpreting the results of the PPC audit.

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