If you have landed on this particular page, it means that you are curious to learn more about us. We believe it is important for our prospective partners to know more about our backstory. Our intent is not at all to emphasize on our achievements, but to convey the steps taken right from the beginning, as what we have done in the past is a strong base for our activity today.

Optimized is an agency experienced in PPC campaigns and e-commerce. Below is the timeline that brought us here.


After gaining an experience of 8 years in e-commerce entrepreneurship, 75,000 clients and 20,000 products, plus a marketing experience in working for renowned, top companies, such as Google and IBM, Mădălina founded the Optimized agency.


Mădălina became a Google Certified Trainer, conducting more than 400 workshops and teaching more than 20,000 students or entrepreneurs over a period of 6 years.


By having the necessary training and expertise in Google Ads, Optimized started the Google partners program, by becoming one of Google's partner agencies.


The team is growing by welcoming four new committed colleagues, who joined the company. The agency quickly added new clients to the portfolio: PC Garage, Dent Estet, Marelbo.


Optimized became one of Meta’s (Facebook) partners, by reaching out over 1 million EUR managed budgets. Evermore, the team quickly started to have their first profile events, by conducting Google Ads themed workshops.


Launching the video format Digital Lead in partnership with HotNews and Startupcafe, as well as the customized training programs dedicated to companies.

We are a dedicated PPC agency

Since launching the agency, Mădălina’s main goal was to create a unique PPC agency by focusing on having a pleasant working environment, good quality of work and great achievements, focusing on the clients’ needs. Therefore, our team is not looking towards working with hundreds of companies. Our approach is different, due to our desire to have a smaller number of long-term clients with whom we can grow together.

Our main objective

To create a pleasant experience for our clients.
And we have surely managed to do so by offering:

A professional, yet relaxed and pleasant, work environment

We share our know-how and expertise with our new partners

We are quite selective when it comes to choosing new projects


YoY transactions


YoY transactions


YoY transactions

We never stop

Every day we continue working to become even better at what we love to do. We constantly try to learn more insight about our clients in order to fulfill their needs.

Constantly gathering information is what makes our journey. We want to grow more and more, as our goal is to further evolve as a performance marketing agency.

Performance marketing is no longer only about focusing on a single marketing channel, but rather about perfecting different, multiple channels in order to get the best, desired results. This is the reason why our team is focusing on managing advertising campaigns on all paid advertising platforms, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, Tik Tok Ads.

Our core elements are always going to pinpoint towards achieving a high-quality performance for the PPC campaigns that we are running.

We aim towards anticipating the possible results that can contribute to business growth.
By achieving success, together.

Paid Search


Performance Ads

Linkedin Ads

TikTok Ads

Paid Social

Mădălina Stănescu

PPC Lead & Founder

Mădălina is the PPC lead of the Optimized team, with an experience of over 14 years in paid advertising. Evenmore, Mădălina has worked for Google for eight years, being part of both the local team and the regional marketing team as a Growth Marketing Manager for Google EMEA. She also obtained the Google trainer certificate, conducting more than 400 seminars and entrepreneurial training dedicated for teaching students and individuals from advertising agencies. Mădălina’s experience in ecommerce started 10 years ago, when she founded one of the most successful online stores in the Toys & Baby Products niche.

Silvia Zanfir

Silvia is a PPC Manager at Optimized, with over 15 years of experience in e-commerce and online marketing. She became part of our team in 2018 and she is managing accounts from different niches, such as fashion and accessories, bio products, gardening tools and equipment, furniture and decorations, accessories, and children’s toys.
Her previous job experience was acquired by working for eMAG and PC Garage. Moreover, Silvia has an experience of more than five years as an e-commerce entrepreneur.

Daniela Anehei

Daniela is a PPC specialist with over 10 years of experience in digital marketing. Her portfolio includes campaigns from various fields such as services, toys, automotive. Her previous experience was acquired by contributing to the growth of several important brands from different niches.