Online Strategy

What does the Optimized strategy entail?

A business strategy is not complete if it does not include a well-developed online strategy.

In order to have the desired results, an online strategy must always be personalized and perfectly adapted to the company’s objectives.

In addition, it has to chart an upward direction in terms of brand visibility and lead to increased online sales without straying from the macro strategy.


You will give us details about the business strategy, following that we will analyze the specifics of your company, the target audience, the direct competition and the elements that differentiate you in the niche in which you operate.


We put the marketing channels to work to increase online sales and the visibility of your business and we make sure that we constantly optimize their performance.


We establish the structure of the campaigns based on a framework perfectly adapted to your online business and we articulate the concrete ways in which we will achieve the objectives.


We will present you the results and, if necessary, they will be accompanied by new proposals to help you differentiate yourself even more online.

To ensure that we offer you the best online strategy, we organize the process as follows

First of all, Optimized emerged from the desire to provide real, measurable results and an integrated and customized online strategy depending on the specifics of your online store.

An efficient framework

Following discussions with many entrepreneurs, we realized that most of them face the same questions when it comes to finding a suitable online strategy.

How to develop profitable campaigns in a niche where there is great competition?

How to get scalable results from a campaign?

How to become more and more visible for a relevant target?

How to make sure your online actions turn into conversions?

How to identify new solutions to increase online sales?

How to build an online strategy that delivers real results?

How to choose a reliable partner, given that most agencies in the market are not specialized, but claim to do everything?

Optimized focuses precisely on these issues, and the feedback we have from the market has shown us over time that we offer exactly what we intended from the very beginning: real results.

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