Case study: Marelbo

4 years of collaboration in performance marketing with Optimized


4 years

of pay per click marketing with Optimized

Implementation phase

Analyzing and understanding the Consumer Journey Map

Performance marketing strategy

Implementation and management of PPC campaigns

Scaling accounts

Marelbo - objectives

1. Growth in conversion volume.

2. Maintaining ROI.

Marelbo and Optimized - Collaboration journey

Marelbo is a Romanian genuine leather footwear brand with an experience of more than 30 years in this field. The Marelbo concept is based on a simple structure: products made in Romania, over 50 stores all over the country and a website with widespread international use.

The process of purchasing shoes online can be quite complex. Thus, the marketing strategy implemented was adapted to reach potential customers by using the right messages meant to display their needs.

For more than four years, the collaboration between Optimized and Marelbo has evolved by focusing on the implementation of performance marketing strategies and management of pay per click channels. As a result, the store has managed to register an increase in brand awareness and YoY conversions.


Using the best marketing strategies provided by Optimized has helped us increase our brand awareness, by gaining huge visibility and by providing customers with new, handy products, manufactured and designed in Bucovina.

Ionuț Bobu, CEO Marelbo

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