The benefits and disadvantages of advertising on Google Ads

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Unlike social media platforms, such as Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads, the user’s buying decision or the willingness to conduct a different action already exists in Google Ads, and the ads appear during the user’s research process. If you didn’t use Google Ads by now, you’re probably wondering what are the benefits this platform can offer, but also the what are the disadvantages to consider before investing time and money in advertising. 

Advertising on Google Ads – Benefits

  1. With Google Ads, results are fast. In some cases, instant

If your goal is to drive traffic on the website, setting up a campaign in Google Ads can bring you instant results, unlike SEO, where you have to wait weeks or even months for results to appear. 

  1. You can easily create campaigns

Once you’ve figured out the budget and the targeted keywords, and you’ve written a few copy versions for the target audience, the Google Search campaign is ready to deliver results. 

  1. Google offers countless targeting possibilities and user reach potential

Google Ads gives you the opportunity to reach a very wide audience, with countless targeting options, so you can advertise relevant ads to a qualified public. 

  1. You pay only when someone clicks your ad
  2. You have the opportunity to appear on Google’s first page

With the Google Search campaign, you can appear on the first page. This helps you gain exposure and awareness, being visible to users who are actively looking for similar products or services.

  1. You can quickly learn useful information related to the customers

By testing different keywords, banners or landing pages, you can quickly get an idea of the interests and preferences of potential customers. 

  1. You can measure the results

You can measure the results of your campaigns in real time, which gives you the opportunity to constantly improve your performance.

Advertising on Google Ads – Disadvantages

  1. The higher the competition, the more you pay

The cost per click increases depending on the competition. If you bid less than your competitors, your ad may appear on pages 2 and 3 of Google. 

  1. No budget, no ads

Once the budget is consumed, the ads will no longer be active.

  1. Ads have certain limitations

Only a certain number of characters is allowed, and you need to bring the attention on your product or service as much as possible, by outlining the benefits to the potential customers. 

  1. It is important to target the correct words

If you target words that are far too broad, you may not be able to attract new customers, which means you will spend your budget for nothing. 

  1. You have to give it time

For performance and good results, it is important to constantly monitor and optimize your campaigns. Also, for best results, it is important to integrate all the settings and tools offered by Google Ads into your advertising strategy. 

  1. Users tend to prefer organic results over paid ads

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