Optimized – The Ecommerce Marketing Agency

Six years ago we opened 3Pitici, and today it is one of the the leading online stores in the “Toys and Items for children” niche. It was my first step in entrepreneurship and continues to be an inexhaustible source of learning today. Although we were no strangers to the ecommerce field, the journey was not easy and the development of 3Pitici meant both hard work and satisfaction.

Furthermore, 3Pitici represented for me a door opened to opportunities in the digital environment. Being an exclusively online business, started with personal funds, I always had to find the most efficient ways to advertise, being restricted by a tight budget. This is one of the reasons I have always tried to keep up with the latest in digital marketing (Goodle AdWords, email marketing, social media etc). Over the years, I have been able to build a framework and to improve my techniques and marketing tools, and the outcome was seen sooner than expected: out business kept growing year after year.

At the same time, I was fascinated by Google’s contribution in helping my business grow, and I believe that this enthusiasm was the reason behind one of the most beautiful professional experiences I had, which is working for Google for almost four years. Besides the great team I was a part of, what I really enjoyed these four years was the fact that I became an expert in Google advertising products and that I contributed to the digital development of several companies, through projects aimed at opening new horizons in the online environment. Those who know me or have seen me at various events dedicated to entrepreneurs, probably know that I am able to talk for hours and hours about the digital world and I enjoy sharing tips & tricks from my experience, with the same enthusiasm every time.

I started this project together with a small team of specialists, with whom I am eager to bring results for companies and online stores that want to grow. Our main focus is on PPC marketing through Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, and we have two different approaches when it comes to working with our partners. The first is PPC full management, and the second is consulting services for businesses that already have a marketing department, but need a refresh in terms of strategy and paid advertising. Because in the last two years I have also become a Google certified trainer, supporting dozens of trainings for beginner entrepreneurs, we will also offer the possibility of an in-house training, with strategies and techniques applied on the respective company.

Most of the entrepreneurs I’ve talked to face the same challenges when it comes to online marketing: how to develop profitable campaigns even when you’re in a niche where profit margins are low and competition is high, how to profitable scale campaigns, how to build a long-term strategy and be relevant, how to identify new growth channels, how to choose a reliable partner for advertising services in a context where digital marketing agencies claim to do everything, even though there is no specialization within the agency etc.

This is exactly what we focus on at Optimized and this is what I have been doing for over six years for 3Pitici. We have chosen a certain ecommerce niche because we can add value. 

I’m glad that we are already working with some important online stores in Romania from different segments and that we have already created a framework for each type of customer, so that the PPC AdWords and Facebook Ads campaigns will bring results.

We are also planning to be active on our blog at least once a month, using it as a platform to share our experience. Once a year we will take on a pro bono project, as I consider it necessary and very important to be involved in community development. We have already picked the one for this year. 🙂