Digital maturity in e-commerce

Article preview: The way we use and understand the data is particularly important for our business because it gives us opportunities to improve the user/customer experience, the marketing and sales strategy and the scaling of the business. In this article we briefly present the Retail Data Maturity platform, an assessment through which you can identify your company’s stage of digital maturity.

Digital maturity stages of a retailer:

  • Nascent: organizations that use basic tools for data analysis and have difficulty integrating a data-driven decision-making process. Unfortunately, a very large number of businesses fall into this category and we would not say the financial resource is the main reason, but rather the lack of know-how;
  • Developing: companies that have started to rely on data in the decision-making process, but have not yet identified clear ways to take full advantage of it;
  • Mature: companies that have adopted more advanced analysis tools and in which the decision-making process is based on the use of data, but it is rather a punctual practice, rather than standard;
  • Leading: companies that view data as an essential part of achieving business goals.

Well, what should we look for when talking about this digital maturity in terms of data?

The leadership’s vision

What is the availability at the senior management level to integrate the data in the decision-making process? How much is testing and measuring different initiatives encouraged? 

Tools used

How much do tools help us in the decision-making process? Do we have the know-how to use them? Do we understand them? If not, do we have the resources to hire a data analyst to do this?

User experience

  • Do we show all users the same thing on the website or do we use a more advanced segmentation depending on behavior, geographic area, CLV (customer lifetime value) and so on? How much do we use predictive analysis when developing product recommendation modules? How personalized are the advertising materials we use or the promotions we display to users? 

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