How to audit a Google Shopping feed

Article preview: In this article we will present the main methods used to audit a Shopping Ads feed and how to optimize it for better results of such campaigns for your online store.

Google Shopping Ads campaigns are based on a product feed (uploaded to Merchant Center). and the more optimized it is, the higher the relevance of ads and the posibility to segment your campaigns (which is extremely important, especially for online stores with a wide range of products). 

In today’s article we will review some elements that we consider when auditing a Shopping feed for our customers.

1. Cum eviți suspendarea contului Merchant Center

How do you increase the number of eligible products?

Products rejected due to price or availability

These discrepancies lead to low conversion rates and an unpleasant user experience. 

Invalid or missing images

Ask producers or suppliers for good quality images as much as possible and make sure the image links are valid before uploading it to the feed. If you still receive notifications even though the image link is valid, you may change the image URL which will cause a recrawl, the product being approved after that.

You can find some recommendations here:

Product pages cannot be accessed

Product pages must be accessed by users and Google crawlers. Errors that may occur:

  • Page not found (404): The page is not found on the server
  • Could not connect / HTTP 5xx response: when the Google crawler tried to access the landing page, the server was unavailable (e.g. the website was under maintenance)
  • Hostname not resolvable: could not resolve hostname. DNS configuration must be done correctly.

How to optimize the feed content

Why is the title of the product relevant

The title of the products in the feed is relevant for the following two reasons:

  • It is used by Google to match searches in Search (so the better it is optimized, the more visible you will be in various searches in direct connection with the product).
  • It is displayed in the ad so it impacts click and conversion rates.

Avoid vague product titles, include relevant attributes such as brand, color, material, size, and make sure the most important elements are displayed in the first 70 characters or less (as far as the ad shows).

Why is product_type relevant

The type of products in the feed is relevant for the following two reasons:

  • It is used by Google to better understand what you’re selling and to help you display the product to users.
  • It is useful in structuring campaigns.

However, pay attention to the strict editing rules and do not use spamming techniques!

Here’s how you can optimize your product title for each retail vertical:


Activate the Market Insights module to see data on top best sellers and how competitive you are in terms of pricing.

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