Google Ads campaigns – A Beginner’s Guide

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Google Ads it’s a pay-per-click advertising channel where you can promote your products or services by paying per click or impression on an ad. The thing that makes Google a powerful marketing solution is that you can get an answer for every need: i want to know, i want to go, i want to do, i want to buy. 

Whether you are going to be building and managing your Google Ads account on your own or outsourcing it to an expert, it’s best to begin by knowing the campaign and ad types available to you. 

Google offers 8 different types of ad campaigns that you can use:

Each type of campaign is conceived differently by having particular recommendations and configurations which are meant to best suit and provide the perfect place where online users can see the ads.

Search Campaigns

Search Campaigns Text ads on Google search results, where the users have a specific intent in mind: to search for answers, get solutions to their problems, or find specific products or services based on the search query they type into the search box on Google.

Display Campaigns

Display Campaigns are image ads on websites that can target a specific audience based on specific behaviors and interests while they are browsing their favorite websites, videos or checking their emails on Gmail account.

Video Campaigns

Shopping Campaigns

Shopping Campaigns - Product listings on Google based on the product data that you submit in the Merchant Center. Your ads will appear on Google Search, Google Images, on the shopping tab on Google Search, Google Search Partner websites, Google Display Network (YouTube, Gmail, and Google Discover). Shopping Ads are best used to boost traffic to your e-commerce store and increase sales.

Discovery Campaigns

App Campaigns If you have a mobile app for your business you can promote it on many channels, including Google Play, YouTube, Search, and the Google Display Network with Google App campaigns. You can focus on different actions such as “App installs,” “App engagement,” and “App pre-registration (Android only).”

Smart Campaigns Simplified automated ads on Google and across the web, that will help you highlight the best points that describe your business in order to attract customers.

Simplified automated ads on Google and across the web, that will help you highlight the best points that describe your business in order to attract customers. 

Local campaigns ads

Local campaigns ads are best to use if you want to help customers learn more about your business, drive customers to a physical location or get calls. Ads may appear on Google Search, Display, Maps and Youtube.

Smart Campaigns

Smart campaigns are very easy to use, requiring only a few ads and business information to be created, which will be targeted and optimized by Google automatically.

Google is one of the most visited websites worldwide, where you can reach your customers with a variety of targeting and options and has benefits for any business . We hope this article helps you have a better understanding of how you can promote your products and services.

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