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Going back nine years ago, an online store was created. Today, it is one of the leading online stores in the “toys and items for children” category: 3Pitici. You’ve probably heard of it or at least have a friend who did.

This was Mădălina Stănescu’s first step in entrepreneurship. Although Mădălina had a strong foundation in terms of e-commerce, the journey was not easy and the development of 3Pitici meant both hard work and satisfaction. 

Being an exclusively online business, started with personal funds, at the beginning Mădălina had to find the most efficient ways to advertise, being restricted by a low budget.

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This is when she realized she could be the one growing her own business, so she started learning how to stay up to date with everything new in online marketing. Consequently, she managed to build a framework and perfect her advertising techniques and tools. The result was as expected: the business started to grow from year to year.

Google’s power to help businesses grow started to fascinate her more and more. As the universe sometimes conspires to bring us closer to what we want, Mădălina got to work at Google for almost seven years, currently having the role of Growth Marketing consultant for Google UK. This is where she became an expert in Google advertising products and contributed to the digital development of companies through projects designed to open new horizons for them. But the story does not end here. On the contrary, this is just the beginning.

Optimized Agency was born after all these years of experience accumulated in both marketing and e-commerce. It was a kind of happy intersection of the passion for marketing and the performance in marketing, of what Mădălina was good at and what she liked to do.

Mădălina started this project together with a small team of experienced specialists. Together, they aimed to bring real results for companies and online stores that wanted to grow.

Optimized still focuses on PPC marketing by using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, Pinterest Ads, Waze Ads, and recently Tik Tok Ads. Optimized works with its partners in two ways: firstn, through PPC full management and second, acting as a consultant for companies that already have a marketing team but need to refresh their strategies and paid advertising methods. 

Mădălina later became a Google certified trainer and since then she has conducted entrepreneurship trainings hundreds of times. At this moment she also offers the possibility of in-house trainings, with strategies tailored to the customer’s needs.

Most entrepreneurs face the same challenges when it comes to online marketing: they want to learn how to develop profitable campaigns even when operating in a niche where business margins are low and competition is great, and they want to know how to scale campaigns profitably.

Entrepreneurs also want to know how to build a long-term strategy and how to be relevant in every moment that matters to the user, how to identify new growth channels, how to choose a reliable partner for advertising services in the context where there are a lot of agencies on the market that do everything but there is no specialization etc.

Optimized focuses exactly on these aspects and we chose the e-commerce niche because we know that we can bring real value in this field.

We already have many important online stores from Romania by our side, from different sectors, and we have already created a framework for each type of customer, so that the PPC Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns bring real, quantifiable results.

If you are seeking PPC performance or just a casual talk about e-commerce or digital, we encourage you to contact us!

Madalina Stanescu


Madalina is a Consultant in Digital Marketing, with more than 12 years of experience in paid advertising, and the founder of Optimized Agency, specialized in performance marketing for e-commerce.

Previously, Mădălina worked for Google Romania, where she became a Google Certified Trainer, holding over 100 seminars and trainings for entrepreneurs, students and people from advertising agencies.

Currently, in addition to her role at Optimized, Madalina offers consulting in Growth Marketing for Google EMEA.

Silvia Zanfir

Silvia is a PPC and Online Marketing Specialist, with more than 15 years of experience in e-commerce.

She joined the Optimized team in 2018 and she manages accounts in various fields: fashion and accessories, organic products, garden equipment and tools, furniture and decorations, accessories and toys.

Silvia also has over 5 years of experience as an e-commerce entrepreneur.

Previously, she worked for online IT stores.

Magda Sauciuc

Magda is a PPC Specialist with more than 5 years of experience in online marketing.

She joined the Optimized team in 2020 and she manages accounts in various fields: health, IT, fashion, insurance services.

Marius Dinu

Marius is an SEO and PPC Specialist with over 8 years experience in Digital Marketing.

He joined the Optimized team in January 2021 and has experience in the fields of fashion, adult, IT, medical, hospitality. He specializes in Consumer Psychology and Business & Market Analysis.