In order to increase the income generated by a business and to effectively advertise the services provided, you need a good online advertising strategy. This can be achieved through various means: creative advertising campaigns, attractive marketing materials and other services aimed to grow a business.

Online advertising guarantees the growth of a company’s customer portfolio and contributes to its placement in the top results on search engines. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to achieve the desired results for your business. This is why we offer a variety of services that aim to materialize a strategy for increasing the online visibility of your business.

Creative Rich Media is one of the services provided by Optimized, which aims to provide real results to businesses that are looking for strategies to increase sales and profits. This service is a form of digital advertising that uses advanced features, such as video, audio, or other visually appealing content to draw the attention of internet users and encourage them to access the website. 

We can design banners and other materials for your posts, creative video spots and video content that will generate traffic to your website or page and that will be fully aligned to the specifics of your business. The main advantages of this service are:

  • increasing the willingness to purchase: studies show that Rich Media advertising is extremely important in increasing conversions, compared to other forms of advertising;
  • increasing interactions and website traffic: the interaction gained as a result of the attractive visual content is due to the fact that potential customers’ attention is drawn instantly;
  • traffic monitoring: the Rich Media advertising model offers the possibility to analyze certain essential details about user behavior such as how many seconds / minutes of a video spot were viewed by a visitor; 
  • building brand awareness: creative visual content increases the popularity of a brand or website faster than other types of advertising.

This service is best for entrepreneurs looking for quick ways to increase their business profits and streamline website traffic. Choosing a suitable advertising strategy for the specifics of your business is essential to attract potential customers for the services you provide.

We offer you a clear way to improve the UX (user experience) on your website and a way to capture the attention of potential customers, using impactful graphic materials, designed and adapted to the specifics of your business.

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